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12 Things To Know About Aluminum Roofing In Baltimore.

Aluminum Metal roofing is now mainstream and a viable option for many homes, even those with flat roof pitches. Metal roofs don\’t all look like metal, and there are many shingle-style metal roofing products available today that are nearly identical to traditional shingle roofs. Here are 12 facts to help you understand the benefits of a metal roof.

Aluminum Metal roofs do not represent a new concept.

Metal roofs used to be only found on architect-designed, high-end houses, and this is no longer true. Metal roofs have become more common in traditional homes due to their increased availability and better manufacturing processes. According to industry statistics, aluminum metal roofing is growing in popularity by around 3 percent each year. Currently, 15 percent of roof installations are made with metal roofing materials. The market share for asphalt roofing has declined and now accounts for about 59% of all roofs.

Aluminum Metal Roofing Can be Installed on Existing Roofs

Metal roofs can be attached to an existing roof without removing the shingles, which local building codes allow. While shingle removal is preferred, tear-off can be messy and increase the cost.

This type of installation can pose a problem if there is too much water. Moisture can build up between the old roof and the metal roof, causing rot and mold. This problem can be eliminated by roofers installing a vented steel roof

Installing the new aluminum roofing with furring strips (1x3s or similar) will raise the metal and create a ventilation air pocket between layers.

Before installing metal roofing directly on shingles, check your local building codes. In some jurisdictions, a new roof may require complete tear-off.

Aluminum Metal roofing Sound Better Than Asphalt Roofing

It is common to believe that metallic roofs can be noisy when rain or hail falls. However, when properly installed, they are quieter than other types. The Aluminum Metal roofing is typically installed on a solid substrate and the attic and insulation act as a sound barrier. When an aluminum roof is put up, the residents rarely experience increased noise levels.

Aluminum Metal roofing Lightning is not attracted to you.

Although you may believe that a metallic roof will attract Lightning it is not supported by statistics or facts. According to the Metal Construction Association\’s technical bulletin, metal roofing does not increase lightning risk. Metal roofing is also less likely to be ignited by Lightning than traditional roofing materials like shingles or wood shakes if Lightning strikes it.

According to the bulletin, \”Because the metallic roof is both an electric conductor and non-combustible metal, the risks associated with its use and behavior during lightning make them the most desirable construction.\”

Metal roofs are not attracted to lighting for superficial reasons. Lighting seeks a path to the ground, and this is why trees, telephone poles and other structures similar to this type attract Lightning. The metal roofing is an isolated structural component with no direct path to the ground. There is no reason to believe that Lightning will strike a metal roof more than an asphalt shingle roof.

Steel Roofs More Economical

While most metal roof products come with warranties that are comparable to those of asphalt shingles (30 years), metal roofs last longer than asphalt shingles in real life. State Farm Insurance statistics show that metal roofs last between forty and seventy years. It is rare for homeowners to install more than one steel roof, and a homeowner will likely replace an asphalt roof shingles roof 3-4 times in 50 years. An Aluminum Metal roofing can be more expensive than an asphalt roof, but it can help you save money over a longer time.

Aluminum Roofing Resistant to Fire, Rot, and Insect Damage

The Aluminum Metal roofing is a popular choice because it is practically fireproof. Metal roofing is becoming a popular choice for roofing because of the rising risk of forest fires. Not only that but also:

  • Termites and other insects cannot eat Aluminum Metal roofing.
  • Metal roofing resists mildew, rot, and corrosion.
  • Because it absorbs heat faster from the sun than conventional roofing, snow slides quicker than traditional roofing.

Aluminum Metal roofs are More Energy-Efficient

According to industry studies, metal roofing can reflect radiant solar heat. This can help reduce cooling costs by 10 to 25%. A shiny or granular coating on a metal roof can increase its reflective power and reduce energy consumption in climates with high cooling costs.

Aluminum Metal roofing Roofs with Low Slopes

Metal roofs tend to be suited for steep-slope roofs. However, standing seam metal roofs are capable of working well on flat roofs. To withstand water, this type of roof is made up of large sheets that have raised seams and are tightly sealed. While some slopes may be necessary to allow water to flow, most houses are able to accept metal roofing.

Installation and Repair Usually Requires a Pro

Although DIYers can install metallic roofing, it is not recommended. Metal roofing can only be purchased through a few retailers. The techniques for installation and repair are very specialized. If you choose metal roofing you will likely call a specialist in case of problems. These problems are very rare with steel roofs.

Ridge Vents are More Clearly

Today, most houses have an attic vent that runs along the roof\’s peak. This continuous ridge vent, which is similar to shingles, runs along the entire length of a shingle roof. It covers outflow holes at the sides and ends of the ridge. This continuous ridge vent can be seen many times but is often very flat and blends in with the roof.

The continuous ridge vent, which is also metal and visible on many standing-seam roofing, is more prominent than the other metal roofs. These ridges or thick lines are a hallmark of metal roofs.

Aluminum Metal roofing Are Recyclable

Metal roofs can be very durable but when it\’s time to replace them, old metal can be accepted at metal recycling centers. On the other hand, old asphalted roofs are often destined for landfill space.

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