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Aluminum Roofing for New Construction

Aluminum Roofing for New Construction​


Aluminum Roofing For New Home Construction.
The Smart, Permanent Choice.

Aluminum roofing for new construction is becoming more popular because it’s the wise choice for your home. When building your dream home, consider installing a permanent aluminum roof. With Delmarva Metal Roofing, you’ll enjoy a lifetime of maintenance-free beauty and lower energy costs. Your home will be dry, comfortable and energy-efficient for a lifetime.

Factors When Considering Aluminum Roofing For New Construction

The only difference when considering an aluminum roofing for your construction versus an existing home is that you may not have an actual roof for us to measure yet. Otherwise, the selection and estimating process is the same.

Depending on where you are in the home building process, we can help you estimate the cost of including a Delmarva Aluminum Roof in your budget.

  • Preliminary Planning Phase– If you’re just starting to plan what you want to include in your new home, and you’re looking to get a rough figure for aluminum roofing for new construction, we recommend estimating 3 to 4 times the cost of a traditional, quality asphalt roof. Aluminum roofing costs more than asphalt up front, but is the best value over the life of your home because it’s permanent. You won’t have to replace it every ten years like asphalt and the maintenance will be minimal or non-existent.
  • Blueprint Planning– You’re starting to see how your home is going to look once it’s all said and done. However, plans can still change during this phase, and even small changes that affect the total roofing area can have an effect on the final cost of your Delmarva Metal Roofing. Once your plans have your final approval, you can utilize resources such as to total roof area using your blueprints. We are also more than happy to stop by any time for a free estimate.
  • Construction Phase– Breaking ground on your new home is an exciting time. We can now help you determine an accurate estimate. We can use your final blueprint or measure the home (depending on where you are in the process). This estimate will be put together for you during an appointment with one of our representatives. We’ll also take the time to discuss all your options and help you select the product that’s best for you and your home.

The sooner you give us a call, the better, so that your aluminum roof design can be incorporated into the overall design of your home. It’s never too soon to call and get information or schedule a free estimate or consultation session.