Homeowners who want a metal roof with a traditional appearance, or who require special architectural considerations, turn to Aluminum Standing Seam. Beautiful, strong, durable, and environmentally smart, this roofing solution is an investment that will add long-term value to your home.

Standing Seam panels run vertically down the roof, providing excellent protection and durability — which is why many commercial establishments choose this option. However, homeowners can also take advantage of the clean, contemporary style of standing seam roof with a .032 gauge, Premium Aluminum Standing Seam Roof, which are engineered in narrow, 14” widths.

Ideal For Coastal Applications

Manufactured from heavy-duty, rust-free aluminum alloy, our aluminum panels are manufactured from heavy-duty, rust-free aluminum alloy, rather than steel, which is susceptible to rust and erosion. Concealed fasteners create a clean look and add to the longevity of the roof. It never needs cleaning, maintenance, and it will never absorb water.

Our standing seam panels are manufactured from 95% post-consumer recycled aluminum, but that doesn’t mean they’re not state-of-the-art. In fact, it’s certified ‘Premium’ under the Metal Construction Association Certified Roofing Panels program.

175S Profile

The DMC 175S is distinctive for its broad width seam, impressive structural capabilities and easy Snap Lock installation. Featuring a 1-3/4″ seam height, this continuous interlocking engineered roof system has a concealed fastener and clip application that allows thermal movement and requires no mechanical seaming to ensure weathertight integrity. The installation is simple and quick, yet it withstands extremely high design pressures and is approved for use on Weather Tightness Warranty projects.

Ideal Application

  • Residential
  • Commercial
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