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Exploring Different Types of Metal Barn Roofing Options for Your Project in Milford, Delaware

When you have a barn project, one of the most critical decisions you have to make is choosing the right roofing. There will be many options, such as asphalt shingles, tiles, and many others. However, metal roofs, such as steel, make a good pick because of their versatility and durability. People find metal roofs to be a good thing for their barn roofs regardless of their location, knowing that such roofs would last a long time. 

If you have ever seen a steel building, then you know how strong it looks even years down the line. You will experience the same when you opt for any metal roof type, as we will see in this guide. Let us take the time to understand more about the benefits and why to choose metal barn roofing. 

Basics of Metal Roofing 

From time to time, a customer can approach the customer service of a metal roof company wanting to know what metal roofs are all about. 

As the name suggests, this is a type of roofing that is made out of metallic materials such as zinc, copper, steel, or aluminum. Metal roofs are known for having a distinctive combination of performance, aesthetics, performance, and durability. Because of such, they tend to offer many applications in the roofing industry. 

One of the most fundamental reasons for choosing metal roofing and siding is the strength-to-weight ratio. Traditional roofing materials can be heavier, thus needing strong structural support. As such, you have to spend more reinforcing the roof structure. Metal roofs are usually lightweight while at the same time offering exceptional resilience. They are also engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions such as heavy snow, high winds, and much more. 

Durability also remains a key advantage whether you use the metal roof in Milford, Delaware, or South Carolina. When other traditional roofing materials would last around 20 years, you will get the metal roofing lasting 40 to 70 years and still with minimal maintenance. This durability makes the choice of metal roofs a cost-effective option since you do not also have to keep replacing them in addition to low maintenance. 

In addition to providing the best privacy for your barn, a metal roof can also be energy efficient. Thanks to its highly reflective surfaces, the material will reflect solar heat, reducing cooling costs even during hot months. This characteristic is beneficial for barns used for keeping house animals or any heat-sensitive materials. 

Types of Metal Roofing Materials 

There are multiple types of metal barn roofs in the market. These metal roofs are categorized based on the material used to make them. The key options include aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, Galvalume steel, and zinc. We discuss them below to see which one you can choose based on your needs. 

Galvanized Steel

If you were searching for metal roofing, the chances are you will come across galvanized steel as an option. This is where steel is coated with a layer of zinc to act as a barrier against rust. Galvanization is the coating process that enhances also the durability of the steel material in addition to making it more resistant to corrosion. 

Galvanized steel is mostly cost-effective compared to other options. It offers a good balance between robust performance and price, which is why it might be used extensively for insulation and protection from the elements on buildings such as barns. 

Well, as much as galvanized steel has good resistance against rust, it is also susceptible to peeling or scratching depending on the environmental conditions. 

Galvalume Steel 

Galvalume steel is considered a step up from galvanized steel since it is better in corrosion resistance, especially in cases where this agricultural metal roofing would be exposed to acidic or highly alkaline conditions. 

To make this possible, steel is coded with an alloy of zinc and aluminum. The result is having a metal roof with better durability and corrosion resistance while remaining physically strong just as good as galvanized steel. For all these additional performance features, expect this type to be pricier. 

So, if you need a steel roof that can handle extreme weather conditions, you now know which to get. However, such barn steel roofing can also show signs of wear when used in highly saline environments. Overall, the durability should not worry you much. 


A corrugated barn tin could also use aluminum as its metal roof. People go for the aluminum metal roof because it is lightweight and also has excellent corrosion resistance. So, if you are in an area with high moisture content or salt exposure, this can be ideal for your roofing. 

Aluminum still remains more malleable than steel. Such a feature makes it easy to bend it into different shapes. That is how you can see such a material with different designs that you would want. 

Still, aluminum reflects heat better, which makes it more energy efficient. This makes it easier to maintain the right temperature inside the barn with the material. 

However, aluminum is more expensive than barn steel roofing. Also, it is more prone to denting. The chances of denting happening on a roof are slim, so it should still be a good option for roofing a gambrel metal building, which acts as your ban. 


Copper remains a premium material for a metal gambrel roof. This is because of its exceptional longevity and the natural patina it develops over time. The copper patina offers a unique aesthetic appeal that can make the band stand out from the rest. 

Copper is extremely durable with a lifespan that exceeds 100 years. All you have to do is maintain it properly and you should be good. This material is better than barn steel roofing because of its resistance to fire and mildew. This makes it ideal for cases of extreme weather conditions. 

As much as it is an alternative material to gambrel steel buildings, you can expect it to be too expensive to implement as a roof. A barn is naturally huge, so it will be too expensive to have it roofed with copper. However, you can use it for smaller projects to get an aesthetically pleasing roof while also dealing with minimal upkeep. 


Zinc roofing is also highly durable and corrosion-resistant, just like copper. So, when you want to save on barn roofing, you could also opt for zinc. The material is also malleable, making it possible to bend it into complex designs and shapes. 

Well, it would still be more expensive than its steel counterparts, but having low maintenance needs and better durability makes zinc offer more value for money. Zinc would be ideal for barns where longevity and aesthetic appeal are highly important. 

Looking at the materials above, you can easily see how each has its own set of characteristics that sets them apart. This means that you can always pick the one that is more suitable for your application based on environmental conditions, aesthetic preferences, and budget considerations. 


This guide gives you an idea of what to expect with metal barn roofing options. Whichever option you pick, expect it to give more durability and low maintenance than the common roofing options in the market. If you want affordability and still enjoy the benefits of metal roofing, galvanized steel will do a good job. However, you can always choose zinc if you want more corrosion resistance and patina or aluminum if you desire roofing options with complex designs. Just make sure it is an informed decision that aligns with your project requirements.