Delmarva Metal Roofing

Grande Tile


GrandeTile from Classic Metal Metal Roofing Systems offers the timeless look of tile, with greatly reduced weight and the exceptional durability of quality aluminum shingle panels. Perfect for residential properties, light commercial, and mansard roofs, this outstanding roofing profile adds beauty, charm, and a lifetime of protection.


  • Single course panels have an exposure height of 13.75”.
  • Double course panels have an exposure height of 27.75”.
  • Panels can be cut to length, and the maximum panel length is 19’.


  • 41” Weight /Square: 67 lbs.

All panels, including, pre-formed accessories and flashings and matching coil stock are made of .032” 3105 H24 aluminum alloy sheet stock with a yield strength of 26,400 psi. and tensile strength on 27,700 psi.

Grande Tile panels are coated with a baked-on protective primer and a Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® PVDF topcoat to provide a high-quality finish. Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000® PVDF resin-based finishes are trade names for polyvinylidene fluoride resin. The backs of the panels are finished with a protective clear coat.

Additional Materials
Other materials available from the manufacturer include color matching high-temperature silicone sealant, underlayment, touch-up paint, pipe flashings, and stainless steel screws.

Installation of GrandTile
Pitch Grande Tile panels are designed for installations on roofs with a 3:12 or greater pitch.
Decking The panels are applied over minimum 1⁄2” decking. The system may also be applied over existing composition roofing provided the existing roofing is smooth. Any curled or irregular roofing must be removed or replaced.
Underlayment In the case of either a new roofing application or re-roofing, the entire roof must be covered with at least one layer of 30 pound felt underlayment or equivalent.
Panels Grande Tile panels install right to left, and lap, top over bottom and side overside.
Anchorage Grande Tile panels are held in place with to the deck with #9-15 stainless steel screws with stainless steel bonded seal washers. The screws should be of sufficient length to fully penetrate the decking.