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IB PVC Roofing System

What Is An IB Roof?

Imagine that you no longer have to worry about your flat roof – no more leaks, no more repairs, no more headaches. IB Roof provides a solution to all known flat roofing problems.

IB roof is a single-ply polyester-reinforced CPA/PVC membrane. IB’s original design comes from Europe, where engineers of the Post-War era were faced with massive industrial and residential re-building. They had to create a roofing product that would last a long time, while minimizing energy and maintenance costs.

In 1978, IB Roof Systems took the original design improved it with the latest technological know-how’s and created the ultimate roofing solution for both residential and commercial/industrial flat roofing market. In fact, IB’s formulation works so well, that it has not changed since 1979.

Superior Membrane Durability And Longevity

IB Roofing membrane features a unique design, incorporating 100% virgin PVC in its formulation as well as ’50/50 equal thicknesses’ Top/Base film laminated to polyester reinforcement scrim (note, that competition’s top film thickness does not exceed 35-40%).

Top film and it’s advanced formulation, is what makes IB’s membrane long-lasting, by resisting the destructive powers of U.V. rays, as well chemicals and substances that are normally present on flat roofs, and cause the degradation of the roofing material, resulting in costly leaks.

IB’s Unique Installation Method

IB Roof is a versatile flat roofing system that can be adapted for any flat roof type and level of complexity.


  • Condos, Cooperatives and other Multi-Unit residential buildings.
  • Restaurants
  • Storage Facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Manufacturing and Warehouse facilities
  • Auto Repair stations and garages, Gas Stations
  • Stores and Shopping malls
  • All other commercial buildings with a flat roof
  • IB membrane can be used in the installation of a Green/Garden Roof,without worries of roof leaks or environmental incompatibility


  • Main roof on your home
  • Garage
  • A walk-on flat roof deck
  • IB can be installed as a water-proofing membrane under a solid wood deck
  • IB DeckShield* – a slip and water-proof, ADA (American Disability Act) compliant decking material can be installed. Due to anticipated constant foot traffic, IB DeckShield carries a 10 year warranty.

IB’s Unique Installation Method

All seams and flashing details of IB flat roofing system are Hot-Air welded. This process incorporates precision welding equipment designed and produced in Switzerland – the home of world’s best watches such as Rolex, Rado and others – such equipment is widely used in civil as well as US military applications.

Hot-Air welding creates a physical bond between two separate sheets of IB roofing membrane, effectively making them on piece. Unlike chemical bonding where glues and/or other types of adhesive are used, hot-air welding eliminates the possibility that seams will come apart due to adhesive de-lamination or chemical break-down.