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It is time well spent to conduct extensive research on metal roofing contractors in your area. After all, the contractor you hire will directly impact the result of your metal roofing project, but how do you go about finding the right one?? Where should you begin your search? How do you know if a roofing contractor is reliable?

Once you know where to look for and what to avoid, it\’s easy to find a reliable metal roofer in your area. That\’s why we made this guide.

Why A Professional Roof Inspection Is Important

Homeowners should interview and get bids from at least four reliable roofers, but it\’s a good idea to have a professional roof inspection before meeting with any of them.

An independent roof inspector can assess the condition and integrity of the roof before and after installation. This provides both homeowners and their roofing contractors with an unbiased assessment of the job\’s scope and the installation\’s quality.

A roof inspection costs about $200 on average in the United States, and it is well worth the investment to ensure an accurate assessment of your existing roof and that it was properly installed.

Roof inspectors today use high-tech tools such as drones and infrared sensors to detect leaks and damage points in the roof through precise temperature variations. When problems are detected early, they are much easier to fix.

Even if it isn\’t required, a roof inspection can give everyone involved in the roofing project peace of mind.

4 Qualities to Look for in a Reliable Metal Roofing Contractor

1. License and Insurance 


A licensed contractor is more likely to have the skills and experience needed to complete the job correctly. Roofing contractor licensing requirements vary from state to state; therefore, you should research and familiarize yourself with the licensing requirements for your state.

Insurance Coverage

Accidents can occur to even the most highly experienced roofers, so your roofing contractor must be insured. Always ask your contractor and any subcontractors on the job for proof that they are insured. 

Roofing contractors should typically carry two types of insurance: general liability and worker\’s compensation.

• General liability insurance covers property damage or injuries caused by the contractor or their employees. 

• Worker\’s compensation insurance covers the medical expenses and lost wages of the contractor\’s injured employees.

2. Experience 

The key word here is experience. Homeowners should seek out roofing contractors with an established business, an extensive portfolio of past work, and experience working with various metal roofing products.

Request references and samples of the contractor\’s prior metal roofing work.

Reputable roofing contractors should be able to provide at least three local references to verify the quality of their past work.

When speaking with references, try to ask questions that will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the roofing contractor\’s quality, character, and professionalism, such as:

  • How satisfied are you with the work of the contractor?
  • Were there any unexpected costs or issues? If so, how did the contractor handle and resolve them?
  • Did the job get done on time? How did the contractor tell you that the job would take longer than expected if not?

3. Specialty Skills 

Choosing a roofing contractor is essential based on the type of project you\’re planning. Some roofing contractors focus on repairs and maintenance, while others focus on full-service installations. Those various skill sets aren\’t always interchangeable.

In new construction, for example, the roofing contractor must have experience coordinating the installation schedule with other contractors and determining with the general contractor responsible for overlapping work, like installing the roof deck sheathing or any energy-efficient underlayments specified by the architect.

Make certain that your contractor is well-versed in metal roofing installation. While installing a metal roof isn\’t difficult for experienced roofers, the process differs from other roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles.

4. Clear Communication

A metal roofing contractor who communicates clearly is experienced and trustworthy. When vetting contractors, ensure they set clear expectations for the project\’s timeline, pricing, and follow-up policy.


Understanding when your roofing contractor will begin and finish the job is critical. They should also inform you of any circumstances that may cause the time frame to change. For example, inquire with the contractor about other engagements that may interfere with the timeline. What happens if the flight is delayed due to bad weather? How do they plan to deal with and communicate delays?


Before beginning work and before signing any contracts, discuss the payment terms. You should also know how much you have to pay and when it\’s due. Make sure you understand the payment schedule and deposit requirements. It\’s also a good idea to request a breakdown of all factors that affect the project\’s final cost.

Follow-Up Policy

Once the project is completed, inquire about their follow-up policy. Some may offer full repair services for all projects, while others may only offer repair services for a limited time after installation. Some contractors may refuse to perform repairs entirely.

4 Roofing Contractor Red Flags to Look Out For

1. Poor Online Reputation

Your research will most likely include visits to several websites that post ratings and reviews of contractors in your area. This is a good starting point when looking for metal roofing contractors in your area, but remember that not every review is legit. Check the roofing contractor\’s online reputation by searching for their company name with words like \”scam,\” \”rip-off,\” \”lawsuit,\” or \”complaint.\” If multiple news articles or lawsuits have been filed against a contractor, you may want to avoid hiring them.

2. Low Bids and Upfront Payment in Full

While most metal roofing contractors will ask for a down payment, this is not causing concern and is a common business practice. Be wary of extremely low bids and/or metal roofing contractors who require full payment upfront.

3. Poor Communication

If a potential metal roofing contractor is unresponsive during the bidding process, communication is unlikely to improve once the project begins. Look for a metal roofing contractor who communicates clearly and responds quickly.

4. No Proof of Metal Roofing Experience

A legitimate metal roofing contractor will gladly share references and examples of their previous work with you. For example, if they only show you asphalt roofs they\’ve worked on, or if they can\’t give you references from people who have used their metal roofing services, that\’s usually a huge red flag.

Metal Roofing FAQs

Is It True That Metal Roofs Make A Lot Of Noise?

Professionals over felt and plywood typically install metal roofs. It implies that the noise they make when hit by rain or hail is comparable to that of other roofing materials. This widely held belief originated from barns where steel roofing was installed on open framing with no insulation.

Can A Metal Roof Help Me Save Money On Energy?

Metal is one of the most eco-friendly roofing materials on the market today. A good metal roof can cut your energy costs by up to 40%. It comes in various finishes, which adds to its energy efficiency. Even an unpainted standard metal roof can reflect more solar radiation than asphalt roofing.

Is It Possible For A Metal Roof To Rust?

Steel roofing may rust, whereas aluminum roofing will not. The former is better suited for coastal areas where steel rusts more easily. Your roofer can avoid this problem by using steel alloy with a high zinc content and properly installing it. Have your roofer touch up any scratches to reduce the risk of rust.

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