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For most homeowners, installing a new metal roof is a big project. The cost and expectations for a new metal roof highlight the importance of working with a reputable roofing contractor to ensure proper installation.

Once you\’ve decided that you need a new roof and understand all of the benefits of metal roofing, the next step is to find qualified metal roofing contractors in your area. Most homeowners have learned the hard way that hiring the wrong contractor increases the likelihood of things going wrong.

As you might expect, contractors who only \”dabble\” or install metal roofing on occasion will often steer homeowners toward shingles because it is their comfort zone. Do not let their comfort zone force you to accept a short-term solution for one of your most significant investments, your home.

The following steps are critical. Take the time to research the contractors in your area before picking up the phone or sending an email to request an estimate.

Ask Around

Ask a few questions with family and friends who have installed a metal roof about their experience.

Look for new roofing projects in your neighborhood and ask who the contractor is. Nothing beats a referral and a thorough understanding of how a contractor performed.

When possible, it\’s best to hire local roofing contractors. Compared to out-of-town contractors, the fact that they operate in your area typically means they can be much more responsive and provide the best possible service.

Hiring a local roofer is also advantageous because their familiarity with local building codes reduces the likelihood of non-compliance issues.

You might also find Home Advisor and the Better Business Bureau useful. Look for positive feedback, high ratings, and many projects.

Search the Internet

Begin by searching for terms such as \”metal roofing contractor\” or \”metal roofing installation\” to find a list of local contractors.

Consider the following when reviewing contractor websites: • Customer testimonials and product types offered.

• If they list any vendors on their website, visit those websites as well.

• If they blog, read a few articles to see if they seem like a reputable company you\’d like to work with.

Note: Not every contractor has a website. The absence of a website does not always cause concern. Some smaller contractors do excellent work but have not invested the money or resources necessary to have a website. While reviewing contractor websites is an important part of your research, don\’t rule out someone just because they don\’t have their website.

Search Google for the contractor\’s business name to find their Google My Business listing. This page typically contains many informative reviews and comments.

Reach Out To Contractors

It\’s finally time to decide after you\’ve researched and identified your top two or three contenders. When you contact them, ask about their experience, product recommendations, and process.

While you are not limited, here are a few questions to consider as you begin conversations with contractors:

  • Have you been installing residential metal roofing for a long time?
  • How many different types of metal roofing projects have you worked on?
  • Have you used any other types of systems?
  • What kind of substrate do you use?
  • What paint system do you use and why for residential metal roof projects?
  • What residential metal roofing training has your crew received?
  • How long is the warranty for both the product and the installation?
  • If I file a claim, does the warranty cover labor or only product replacement?
  • Could you provide me with a list of references for residential metal roofing projects you\’ve completed?

When choosing a contractor for a metal roof, buyers must consider experience. A contractor with years of experience clearly has an advantage over those who are new to installing residential metal roofing.

More experienced roofing contractors are also likely to be more familiar with a broader range of roofing situations and, thus, better prepared to deal with them.

Finally, keep in mind that while the price is important, it is not the only factor to consider. Most people are willing to pay a few dollars more for a responsive, available, courteous contractor with the necessary level of experience installing metal roofing.

Get References

It is important to get references from the contractor\’s existing clients. Yes, they will likely be the happiest customers, but that is okay if the contractor has many satisfied long-term customers.

Always inquire about a prospective roofing contractor\’s portfolio of previously installed or repaired roofs. You\’ll be able to see the quality of their work for yourself this way, which should help you determine if they\’re the best fit.

Typical roofing contractor portfolios include printed photos in a photo album or digital photos on laptops or tablets. Videos are also pretty standard, especially with easier access to aerial drone technology, which can provide a closer look at their work.

Confirm Licensing And Industry Associations

Licensing and insurance are required. Each state is different, so do your research and find out what it takes to be a roofing contractor in your state. All employees and subcontractors should be insured, and the roofing contractor should be willing to provide you with a copy of their insurance certificate for verification. Any contractor who is hesitant to share this information should be avoided.

A roofing contractor\’s license ensures they are qualified to provide roof replacement and repair services in your area. Being a licensed roofer also indicates that they comply with the state\’s roofing laws and guidelines.

On the other hand, insurance ensures that you will not be held liable for any third-party personal injury or property damage that occurs while they are working on your roof. In contrast, if you hire an uninsured roofer, you will almost certainly be held liable for any incident that occurs.

You can also ensure that the roofer you hire isn\’t a \”storm chaser\” by looking at their license and insurance policy. \”Storm chaser\” is a derogatory term for contractors who pose as roofers and offer their services to people who don\’t know who they are, usually after bad weather.

Too many homeowners have been taken advantage of by these storm chasers, who often charge less to get more customers but do a rushed, poor job, if they do any work at all.

Request a Metal Roofing Estimate

A roofing contractor quote includes the cost of labor and materials, as well as start and finish dates and waste disposal plans. It is critical to obtain quotes from three or more prospective roofing contractors.

With multiple quotes, you can clearly compare them, allowing you to see which would work best for you.

A roofing contractor quote includes the cost of labor and materials, start and finish dates, and waste disposal plans. It is critical to obtain quotes from three or more prospective roofing contractors. Site visits help contractors understand your home\’s current condition and unique aspects.

Before signing any contract, carefully read it. Successful roofing contractors will gladly sit down with you and ensure you understand all aspects of the project. If a roofing contractor isn\’t willing to take the time to make sure you understand the contract and agree to it, it\’s not a good sign.

Furthermore, all roofing materials and quality should be guaranteed for a specified period of time. Make sure you understand the warranty of your new roof, including what it covers and what it does not.

The manufacturer should provide a 20-to-40-year warranty on the roofing material itself. Be certain to check the path to resolution for warrantable claims. Some remedies only include the cost of the material, while others include the cost of labor to remove the bad material and replace it with new material. The cost difference between these two approaches is substantial!

Be wary of any contractor who claims to be an insurance claim specialist or to handle your insurance claim. Most states prohibit this practice. If you hear contractors using this kind of language, be careful. This situation frequently occurs in the immediate aftermath of a storm or other natural disaster.

Don\’t give in to pressure tactics. If you feel pressured or are given a \”take it or leave it\” choice, you should consider walking away. A trustworthy contractor will work at your pace and be busy enough that they won\’t have to force you to sign a contract.

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