Steel Standing Seam

Our Most Economical Standing Seam Roof

We offer a Clipless Steel Standing Seam for a more economical choice. Rather than using clips during installation, the panels are adhered using a screw hem, similar to what is used with vinyl or aluminum siding. The screws allow the roof to expand and contract naturally as the weather shifts. Since this product is made up of steel is should not be used with in 1,000 yards from a coastal area..

The Clipless Standing Seam roofs that Delamarva Metal Roofing installs feature:

  • Galvalume Steel – All our Clipless Standing Seam roofs are manufactured in widths of 16” using .026 gauge steel. This results in exceptional durability, meaning your roof will last a lifetime with little to no upkeep or repairs required.
  • Kynar paint – This finish reflects the UV rays most responsible for heat buildup. This helps your home stay cool during the hot summer months without needing to rely so much on your HVAC system. Kynar paint also helps to protect fading and includes a 35-year guarantee
  • Ability to shed snow – For areas that get more snow, having a roof that can handle it is important. Clipless Standing Seam roofs effortlessly manage all levels of snowfall by simply making it easy for it to slide off the roof and onto the ground.

100NS Profile

Our DMC 100NS profile offers unlimited design potential with its sleek, crisp appearance and attractive shadow lines. Eliminating the need for metal roof clips, the concealed 1″ self-locking Snap Lock system creates a powerfully protective seal. Versatile and refined, this easy-to-install metal roof delivers superior beauty, durability and strength while showcasing architectural details.

Ideal Application

  • Residential

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Delmarva Metal Roofing Systems offers the industry’s most comprehensive lifetime limited warranty available. Our warranty guarantees your roof will not chip, peel, flake, blister, burn, rust, split, or crack with age. Additionally, our paint systems carry a non-pro-rated 30-Year Limited Warranty ensuring your roof’s finish will resist fade and chalk. And if you sell your home the warranty transfers to all future owners, extending 40 years from the point of installation. If your roof does experience a warranted failure, we will not only cover the cost of materials but workmanship to repair or replace your roof.

We provide a warranty of this level and coverage because our products and technology are proven. In over 30 years of roofing thousands of homes across the world, we have had fewer than ten warranted claims. We are proud of that track record and are committed to set new standards of excellence for years to come.

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