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The Impressive Advantages Of Using Metal Roofing


When choosing a new style of roofing, there are a lot of things to consider, such as stability, style, and safety. Fortunately, with this guide on the many advantages of metal roofing, your decision-making process will be easier than ever.



One of the most known advantages of metal roofing is that it is much more long-lasting than other roofing materials. Other roofing materials such as wood, asphalt, or tile shingles last only 14 to 20 years and may require additional maintenance during that period. However, a quality metal roof can last 50 years or longer and requires little or no maintenance. The long life span, combined with an equally long-lasting, non-prorated warranty, makes metal roofing a valuable investment that will last its entire life.



 a different types of extreme weather conditions, including strong winds, hail, snow, and heavy rains. As time goes by, other roof materials such as wood, asphalt, and tile start to break from the cold-hot and dry-wet weather conditions, causing them to break down and weaken their ability to protect your house. Metal roofing is impenetrable and can withstand all weather, and will not weaken over time. Finally, the interlocking structure of metal roofs eliminates the possibility of shingles lifting away or curling from the roof.


Low maintenance

As we have said, metal roofs require little maintenance throughout their long service life, because of the fact that metal is a much more durable building material than tile, asphalt, or wooden shingles. Quality metal roofs use a PVDF coating that consists of a very tight molecular bond that allows dirt to easily washed from the roof every time it rains. Whatever environmental conditions occur, metal roofs will remain clean in the long term. The resin-based finish is also resistant to fading, chalking, streaking, and staining, making an additional level of durability.




Metal roofing not only protects your house and your family, but it also helps you to protect the environment. Metal roofing is made from up to 98 percent recycled materials and is completely recyclable at the end of its life. However, they are so long-lasting that it will be many years before a metal roof even needs to be replaced. During this time, an asphalted roof may have to be replaced several times, creating additional waste at a landfill every time it is replaced. Metal roofs are 100% recyclable and can be reutilized multiple times, effectively reducing the amount of waste created.


Energy efficient

Another eco-friendly benefit of metal roofing is that it is much more energy-efficient than other roofing materials. Metal roof coatings can reduce heat gain and reflect sunlight in your home. Besides, metal roofs quickly dissipate heat when the sun sets, making the roof cool to the touch, eliminating all heat from radiating in your attic area. At the peak of summer, have you ever walked through an asphalt parking lot after sundown? If you did, you continue to feel the heat from the asphalt. This is because the asphalt collects heat and continues to radiate heat long after sundown. When the asphalt is on the roof, this heat will continue to radiate in your home, making your air conditioning work harder. Since a metal roof quickly dissipates heat, less heat will enter your home, reducing stress in your cooling system and helping to reduce your utility bill significantly.




Unlike other roofing materials, metal panels and shingles are non-combustible. While other roofing materials may ignite facing the extreme heat, metal roofs usually receive a Class-A fire rating, the highest safety-first rating. The metal roofs won\’t ignite even when met with embers and flying sparks, providing added security for your home residents. Although tile roofs are also fire-resistant, they cause a much higher risk of caving in during fire than metal roofs.



This may be surprising, but the metal roofing is actually quite lightweight building material. Compared to cement tiles or slate roofing, which weigh about 700 to 900 lbs per sq., or asphalt, which can weigh 300 to 350 lbs per sq., metal roofing weighs only about 50 to 150 lbs per sq. As such, the risk of a roof collapsed or sagging under a large amount of weight is reduced when building with lightweight metal roofing. Because it is lightweight, metal roofing has superior strength to hold out against severe storms, hail, and heavy winds and can walk without damaging the roof.




As we have said, metal roofing\’s weight makes it fully resistant to strong winds and presents a risk-free lifting away from the house. For this reason, a metal roof is a good option for houses located in areas where tornadoes and hurricanes may be common. Metal roofing is resistant to less extreme weather conditions. It is not easily damaged by rain, snow, or even hail and can hold out against both cold and hot temperatures with ease.


It Easily Sheds Snow and Water.

Metal roofing with a PVDF coating easily sheds snow and water with greater ease than roofs with tile, asphalt, or wood shingles. Stone-coated metal roofs or asphalt have stone granules that slowly stop water and snow from shedding off easily from the roof surface. In areas where there are strong snowfalls, having the snow easily come down from the roof is a significant advantage, reducing the weight in your home.



Besides being practical, metal roofs can also be very elegant. Far from the corrugated metal from the barn’s old roofs, the modern metal roof is available in different styles such as slate, shake, tile cedar, and standing seam, the wide variety of finishes and colors also let every homeowner customize their roof based to their personal style. With a large range of styles and colors for metal roofing, you don\’t have to choose between design and durability, promising you both a timeless appearance and long-term protection you can be proud of. For more information about metal roofing or if you are interested in installing metal roofing in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia, contact your metal roofing contractor at Delmarva Metal Roofing Inc.