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Why All Metal Roofs Are Not Created The Same

Why All Metal Roofs Are Not Created The Same


Don\’t Take Risky Actions When It Comes to Your New Metal Roof.

If you\’ve weighed all the benefits of metal roofs and you\’re thinking of having a metal roof installed in your home, you might think that all you have to do is contact the metal roofing contractor that comes up first in the results of your search. Unfortunately, there are other factors you need to consider in order to ensure your fulfillment with your new roof. Although metal roofs are the gold standard, they always vary in quality. Before deciding which metal roof is the best option for you, consider some things first.

Homeowners who choose the easier or cheaper option often find that their metal roof is unable to meet their expectations after having installed it. Unexperienced metal roofing contractors can make installation errors that result in debris, snow, or ice gathering in critical spots on the roof and cause leaks.


As you find with any product, there is an extensive selection of metal roofing materials available. The craftmanship quality depends on the experience and training level your contractor has. Today, the market is saturated with lower products that leave the homeowners disappointed, and unreliable roofing contractors often do the job and then go to another place where they cannot be located if you have issues with your new roof.

If you\’re looking for durability and longevity in your metal roof, it is essential to hire a reliable and experienced roofing contractor that uses the best materials. The first line of defense in your house against the elements is your roof, and it\’s not an investment that you want to skimp on when you choose a contractor. Consider these reasons why not all metal roofs are not created the same.




What Makes A Metal Roof Better Than Another?


When you decide on the metal roof that you will have installed in your house, there are some key components for building the roof you want to consider. The final thing you want to do is assume that your roof contractor will use high-quality metal roofing panels and other materials. Because contractors always try to provide a lower price to attract businesses, many choose to use the cheapest products available, leading to a poor-quality roof that lacks the protection it needs to keep your family safe, warm, and dry. You want to consider the following factors and ensure that these metal roofing materials are of the highest quality before signing a contract to get a newly installed metal roof.


  • Base metal. If you want your new metal roof to defend your home for years in the future, it is essential to ensure that the roof panels are of the highest quality. The common types of metal roof panels are made of aluminum, galvanized steel, and galvalume steel; however, many other options are available, such as copper and zinc. The factors that you need to consider when choosing your base metal are generally based on your environmental influences and climate. If you live in a region prone to heavy snow, severe hail, acid rain, or live in a salty tropical environment, the weather will play an important role in what type of metal you choose.

In addition to the type of metal that is made from your roof, you will also have to consider the grade of the metal you select. For example, not all types of steel are of the same quality. The cheaper products of a lower quality usually have less zinc on them, which is important because zinc provides advanced protection. The performance of your metal roof will be lower if there is less zinc, and you will eventually be disappointed by the protection your roof provides. These substandard materials are often used in agricultural applications that do not need the same high standards as residential roofing needs. Unfortunately, there are contractors out there who are going to sell homeowners on these products in an attempt to provide a cheap roof that seems attractive to the buyer.


  • Some roofing contractors will try to cut corners with fasteners on your metal roof. Make sure you ask the questions that will force your contractor to be honest about the quality of the fasteners they use. You will want to know whether they are made in a metal compatible with your base metal if they are exposed or concealed and whether the way the roof is fastened allows the thermal movement of the panels.


  • The thickness of the metal used on your roof is also a crucial element in its overall quality. Products that are more heavily formed typically will be made of thinner metals due to the constraints of the manufacturing process. Make sure to ask how the metal formation has built strength in the finished product.


  • The cost of paint is a factor that today affects the cost of metal roofs, and less paint produces a cheaper roof panel, but these low-film products will suffer from a much faster erosion than those that meet industry standards. The PDVF and polyester finishes are the most common coatings used today, being PDVF the option that provides superior endurance and longevity. You can also be offered a product with an aggregate coating, but you must be aware that the aggregate stones will wear out gradually, and these coatings are prone to collect mildew.




Knowledge Is the Key to a Fine Metal Roof

When you know what to look for in your metal roof, and you know what questions to ask your roof contractor, you are more likely to get a roof that will protect your house for many years with less maintenance. Talk about your options as a professional. Make sure to keep in mind other factors that you make your choice, like a panel design that is not prone to collecting clogging and debris, warranties, and hiring a reliable and dependable contractor to do the installation. Your roof is one of the most precious investments you will make in your house, so you do not want to make any assumptions about quality or leave something to chance.